Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Random fact about me: I grew up a vegetarian! My father raised us kids(my brother and sister) vegetarian and we were not allowed to eat candy or watch tv either. To this day my father is still a vegetarian...it's probably why he looks like hes 30 years old (when hes actually 60-something;) shh dont tell him I told). Anyway I too to this day would rather a delicious vegetable dinner over a huge steak.(Although I do enjoy a delicious steak once in a while..shh dont tell my dad that either he still thinks I am a vegetarian).

As Miss California(in November) and Miss Los Angeles(in August) near I have begun focusing alot on my diet. For me it's about making better choices. With the ton of school work I have it seems way easier to stop and get a quickie meal to go somewhere when in reality taking the time to make my own meals is a)WAY healthier and b) doesnt even take that long.

What do I eat??Well, I am obsessed with farmers markets. There is a great one every Sunday in Brentwood and they have the best fruit, flowers and veggies. They also have really good Mexican food....:( My typical farmers market bag will be filled with beets, carrots, kale, parsley, spinach, cilantro, yams, all sorts of berries, peaches, lemon, garlic etc. There is just something about picking out your own fresh food from local farmers... The only things I usually pick up from the grocery store are extra firm tofu, soy milk, soy yogurt and granola.(I love using soy products over dairy!They make me feel better and they are better for you)

I sometimes slip from eating healthy especially on weekends but I try to stay on track especially when I think about being in a swimsuit on stage in a couple of months.

Anyway I am off to do more physics problems:( I have an exam next week. I am officially done with the second half of Physics(and Physics in general!!) in about a month...well that is until the MCAT. After this summer I venture into the lovely world of Organic Chemistry in the fall! Wish me luck!

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