Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall 2010: Miss California, Duke University and New York!

I have had such a great month!! In early October I ran for Miss Los Angeles County run by Toay Ortiz. Anyone looking for more experience on stage before state/Miss California and a chance to hold a local title that comes with making fabulous appearances in southern California should do a prelim. Toay runs about 5 of them including Miss Hollywood this upcoming February 2011! With Toay and her fabulous team, I am readying for Miss California in just a couple of weeks. We have been gown, wardrobe, swimsuit, makeup etc shopping and I am having a blast with Toay and her team of experts! This week we begin interview and walking training! I cannot wait to make Toay Productions proud at state. (

(Miss Los Angeles County Weekend before my interview and backstage before the show)

The weekend right after Miss Los Angeles County was Miss California Orientation weekend at the fabulous Riviera Hotel in Palms Springs. It was a weekend full of sessions and photoshoots all in preparation for finals weekend in November. We got to take our official Miss California 2011 Contestant pictures with Benizo!(=an amazing photographer).
(The beautiful Riviera Hotel in Palms Springs, practicing the look I almost did for my official shoot with Benizo(pardon me, I am sans makeup), and finally the look I decided on for my official photo for Miss Ca 2011!)

Besides all of that I got to go on an east coast trip about 2 weeks ago! The weekend started in Maryland where I met up with my parents. We took a road trip to North Carolina…may I just say, so glad I’m not an only child! haha just kidding it was great to spend time with them, especially my dad who I see maybe twice a year because he is always working or in Africa volunteering his time and services.

We went to Duke University where it was my dad’s annual Medical School Alumni reunion. I attended Duke University before transferring to UCLA and it was my first time back since my freshman year of college back in 2003 (I’m old). It was a special Alumni reunion that weekend because the Duke Medical School had an afternoon celebration kicking off construction for the new hospital they are building. My dad was the first African American to attend Duke University, so it was an honor to walk around campus with him knowing what doors he opened for the prestigious university. So many med students came to shake his hand in admiration and thanks and it re-inspired me to keep pursuing my dream to be just like him when I am older.

(Duke University has the most amazing botanical gardens. My mom and I took a walk through them while my dad mingled with his class of 1967)

After Duke, I flew to New York! I can definitely see myself living in NY..hopefully with a move in date around May 2011 ;) It is such an amazing city.

I got there on a Friday night and immediately went to dinner at MPD a new restaurant in the Meat Packing District. During dinner everyone in the restaurant started dancing and my table ended up eating our dessert mid dance to Lady Gaga , it was a blast! The next day I took a walk through SoHo(where I was staying) and had brunch at the Mercer Hotel. I got to see a show too! I saw Jersey Boys! What an amazing cast and production, the music was awesome!

That Saturday night we had dinner at The Lion. The atmosphere and food were fabulous, I hope to go back..but probably won’t be able to get a reservation again :( After dinner we went to Tao for Kim Kardashian’s 30th Birthday party. We of course danced the night away, it was a great time.

(Forgot to take pics at Tao, but everyone always says I look like Ciara so this picture will do!)

The next day, Sunday, was a day full of shopping and walking the city. I was on the look out for a Miss California gown and wardrobe. Blessed with amazing weather, I decided to end my afternoon of shopping with a stroll through central park. I had a great time in New York and cannot wait to get back.

I have so much to look forward to. Miss California is in about 3 weeks and I am having fun preparing. Although a little stressful at times because I am balancing school and starting MCAT classes on Monday, multitasking and being busy 24/7 is what I live for. Ever since my student athlete days at UCLA, I have learned how to juggle my many different ventures all at once. I guess it’s dad has lived so many lives in one from being a world class athlete to a world class doctor and humanitarian, I guess I am just trying to be half the person he is!

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(more pics from Miss California Orientation in Palms Springs. In between sessions I would run back to my hotel room to get some Organic Chemistry studying in. And Also a pic of some of my new friends! Miss California this year has the highest number of contestants ever in history, very competitive!..on that note off to hit the gym!)

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