Sunday, January 29, 2012

New January Video.

New video of my trip to Southern Africa!

This month I traveled to South Africa and Zambia and was beyond honored by the warm welcome I got as Miss Maryland USA 2012. I visited on behalf of the 501 (c) (3) international non-profit I co-founded, The Meriwether Foundation ( We have several projects in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa. For example, in South Africa we started a school, clinic, feeding program and organic garden at Zitha Village which is featured in my video!

Please consider donating to The Meriwether Foundation, 100% of proceeds go to our projects and all donations are tax deductible! ( for more info or like us on Facebook "Meriwether Foundation" and follow us on twitter @MeriwetherFdtn).

Upon hearing about my arrival, The Star Newspaper, Southern Africa's most read newspaper, did a story about my journey to Miss USA 2012 and about the work my non-profit does. (I posted links to the articles earlier under the post "Press.") They received so much feedback that another story was published a couple of days later.

I also got the chance to shoot with Alf Kumalo who is famous for being Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali's personal photographer. It was a true honor to be shot by such a legend!(see some of the shots below in my earlier post).

I was invited to meet with US Embassy Officials while I was in Zambia to speak about the work The Meriwether Foundation does in Zambia as well! To be recognized by the US Embassy was an honor! The Meriwether Foundation and I look forward to bettering several rural villages in Zambia as our projects continue to grow!

I have a YouTube channel as well!(But I am posting new videos to my vimeo channel)

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