Friday, May 4, 2012

Sidwell Friends School.

Ever wonder where our US President's children go to school?

I came across a great article about my former school Sidwell Friends in Washington DC. I attended from 1st-12th grade and the reading is a pretty accurate portrayal!

One of the fondest memories of attending Sidwell for me was when President Clinton used to attend the high school football games. The image in my head of our former President leisurely spectating in the crowd reminds me so much of how times have changed for us here in the United States post 9/11.

Read the article: (Courtesy Eve Zibart and Capitol File Magazine)

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  1. Nana!!! Congratulations on placing 1st runner up at Miss USA!!! You really did SHINE and you should be SO EXTREMELY proud of what you did on Sunday and leading up to the day. There was nothing you could have done differently. While I really wanted you to win, everything happens for a reason! Keep on shining and good luck with med school apps! I know the process is a beast. lol